Floatable Fun


So many choices of fun (and durable) WaterMat floats and rafts. 

  • Most folks think of a "WaterMat" as the original 18 foot WaterMat EX or the 22 foot, 50% more buoyant Airhead Watermat 22 Plus
  • For commercial settings such as resorts and camps, the 22 foot WaterMat Shark or 26 foot Shark Plus, both made of industrial-grade foam, are the products of choice
  • Designed specifically for the Cove and Sandbar set, the compact Roll 'N Go is both mobile and easy to deploy and roll-up
  • Eliminating the splinters and hard surfaces of a pontoon raft, the super-buoyant 6' x 8' MaxRaft and marine carpeted MaxRaft Plus are changing the American lake scape
  • If size matters, the amazing WaterMat Jumbo comes in both 40 and 60 foot lengths

And even more choices that float!

  • Check out the made-to-order MyWaterMat and show your true colors by customizing it in one of 13 tints.
  • The pup-pleasing DoggyMat allows the family's furriest member to join the fun on the water
  • The Yoga WaterMat takes aquatic fitness to the next level, both on the lake and in a class setting

WaterMat: Quality that you can see

We believe that product quality is of utmost importance...before you spend several hundred dollars on a less expensive competitor's product, you might be wise to invest five minutes and view the WaterMat Quality Challenge.

Safety always comes first

Given their length and width, these products are not intended for use in pools. Please read the owners manual carefully before using any WaterMat floatable product, and it is strongly recommended that you review the manual every season. 

Our TERRIFIC Towable!

Lastly, do not tow any of our floatable family of products behind any type of watercraft. As durable as they are, they are made of soft foam and will not withstand the stress and torque of being towed. If you're looking for a truly towable product, check out the patented WaterMat TowBoggan which is specifically designed for towing.