Introducing the WaterMat MaxRaft

maxraft-progression-final-3-.pngThe iconic pontoon lake raft is a symbol of fun at the lake. A proverbial island sanctuary. Terrific for shooting the breeze on a lazy day at the lake with friends, it's a good thing those wooden planks couldn't talk to your parents!

The classic pontoon lake raft does present some issues:  Heavy and clumsy to put IN or take OUT of the water, the deck is hard and every corner is sharp.  Second, as the sun beats down on the wooden deck, the boards weather and split, baring splinters for unprotected feet and hands. In time, the screws rust and pop-up, creating another hazard for hands and feet. And, don’t forget about the slippery ladder and how much a skinned-up shin hurts.

The WaterMat Company, creators of the original WaterMat, the TowBoggan, and the Yoga WaterMat, is proud to announce its newest innovation:  The MaxRaft.

The 6' X 8' MaxRaft is 3.75 inches thick.  Superbly buoyant, it is made in the USA out of high quality, marine-grade polyethylene cross-linked foam. No gnarly splinters. No rusty screws. No clumsy ladder.

Weighing just 45 pounds, it’s a one man job to place or remove the MaxRaft from the water. Just try taking a 300 pound pontoon raft out of the water by yourself!


We see all the same uses for the MaxRaft as the traditional pontoon lake raft. Telling tales.. Goofing around. And many more, thanks to the super buoyant, soft foam that distinguishes the MaxRaft.

As the orange arrow points out, the WaterMat MaxRaft can really carry a load. Note how far out of the water the old-school lake raft is on top of the innovative, game-changing WaterMat MaxRaft

Just like all WaterMat products, the new MaxRaft is all about safe, no hassle family fun.