People ask us "Why should I buy a Genuine WaterMat®?"

We Love Playing and Having Fun in the Water

We are always finding ways for people of all shapes, sizes and ages to have fun and relax on the water. After we invented the very first WaterMat, we were driven to develop more WaterMat products that delight water-loving people!!

Over a Decade of Innovation and Experience

After selling our first WaterMat in 2004, there are now thousands of WaterMats floating in every state in the continental US! Our innovation and success has bred cheaper copycats that make all sorts of competitive claims…so we want to set the record straight. 


Patented and Protected

See that funny little ® by the WaterMat® name? That is the Registered Trademark symbol from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, serving to identify a particular business as the original source of goods or services.

From a product perspective, we also hold US patent # 7,744,436. When we claim that we are the “original” WaterMat, we do so with the certification of the US Patent and Trademark office!

And you can only buy a genuine WaterMat lake toy from our website and a few very select sales partners such as CRS and Bart's.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation

We appreciate that you're shelling out several hundred of your hard earned bucks for what looks like a big piece of foam.  The reality is that we continue to seek ways to improve our products by scouring the market for the best quality materials, refining production processes and listening to loads of feedback from customers.  

Take, for example, the improvements we made last year to the Original WaterMat EX and EX-Plus.  Based on customer feedback, we added a new softer DiamondTop surface with bright new graphics to one side and a "slippery-er" smooth surface on the other side for sliding and slipping in the lake.  A frequent comment from customers was that our product was difficult to carry, port and stow.  So, we reduced the width by nine inches making it MUCH easier to carry while adding four more feet in length!

But customers continued telling us that they wanted more mobility (er, uh, less WaterMat) this year, we re-launched the Roll 'N 11 feet long and five feet wide, the Roll 'N Go quickly and easily rolls up and fits on almost any ski boat.

We Take Quality Seriously

We are committed to a simple objective: Make each WaterMat product as fun, safe and no-hassle as possible. When you're at the lake getting away for the weekend, no one wants to hassle with a deflated water toy or any other product defect: It isn't fun if your new water toy tears when your 145-pound teenager jumps on it and it rips upon impact.

Built to Last

As water enthusiasts ourselves, we know that lake toys take a beating, so they need to be built to last. Never satisfied with "good is enough", we continue to improve our manufacturing process and seek out the best materials available.  

The result?  We provide a 2-year warranty on every WaterMat floatable!

100% Customer Satisfaction


We hope that you are so impressed with our products and the way you are treated by all of the WaterMat team members that you tell friends and family about your great experience.

But if you ever have an issue or question, just call one of our dedicated WaterMat Customer Service professionals at 1-888-4-MAT-FUN.

Here are the wonderful folks in our Great Bend, KS, manufacturing facility that stand behind (and on!) every WaterMat.

Thank you very much for considering our products. We are excited for you to enjoy the original…the best quality…and the most trouble-free water toys on the market!