The Genuine WaterMat Difference

 Inside and out: Not just a piece of foam

the-watermat-difference.pngAs water enthusiasts ourselves, we design every WaterMat product to provide "safe, no-hassle family fun on the water." We call this philosophy the "WaterMat Difference," and it runs thru everything we do as a small business.

From a product quality perspective, one close look at the WaterMat EX, EX-Plus or Roll 'N Go shows that we are VERY different from the competition. To learn more, simply click on the nearby image to see a short video.

On the top, our textured “DiamondTop” surface provides comfort and softness without sacrificing strength and durability. Think of it as thousands of tiny pillows, perfect for lounging at the lake! 

And on the inside, The WaterMat EX, EX-Plus and Roll 'N Go are also very different. Each has a layer of flexible mesh between each ply. Our proprietary manufacturing process heat-laminates the layers and flexible mesh to add incredible strength and durability. This means your WaterMat is truly built to last.

Another key element of the WaterMat Difference is how we stand behind our products. Our line of Floatables all have a 2-year warranty. Sometimes, as good as we are, issues arise that require special consideration and our support team at 1-888-4-MAT-FUN or is here to serve.

Still not convinced?  Invest a few minutes to view the WaterMat Quality Challenge.