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WaterMat EX

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    watch-the-wqc-button.pngYour time and money are precious.

    The last thing you want when at the lake or summer retreat is hassle (you already get your share of that at work, right?!). That's why our mantra of "safe, no-hassle, family fun on the water" offers every WaterMat owner so much value.

    CLICK HERE to read about the WaterMat Difference.

    Elegantly simple by design, both the WaterMat EX and the 50% thicker AIRHEAD WaterMat 22 Plus roll out in seconds. With nothing to inflate, owners can enjoy their weekend rather than patching or refilling the inflatables. You can leave it in the water for a full season of fun! You can walk on water, run, jump, slip and slide on a WaterMat. You can create your own wild WaterMat games or just hang out leisurely in the sun. 

    Why you'll love an EX or 22 Plus.

    • Both products utilize our proprietary production process that, in our own competitive quality tests, make the EX and 22 Plus far more durable
    • EX offers two distinctly different surfaces: A pillowy DiamondTop surface on the "lounging" side and a slippery-er "play" side. 22 Plus features a Diamond Finish Top and Bottom for extra Traction, Comfort and Durability
    • The EX is 18 feet long and five feet wide, and 1.25 inches thick making it MUCH easier for one person to roll-up and even fits in most SUVs
    • The Airhead Watermat 22 Plus is 22 feet long and five feet wide, as well as 2' thick
    • High quality grommet and tethering system included
    • A two year limited warranty! 

    Every thing is more fun on the original WaterMat EX or the thicker, 50% more buoyant Airhead WaterMat 22 Plus!

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    1. Kids Love It!

      I researched several different products and always found myself leaning towards purchasing the Water Mat. After calling a Water Mat service representative to ask some questions about durability and warranty I decided to go with the Water Mat.

      My grandchildren love it! They spend hours of safe play on and around the Mat. We tether it to our dock and the kids take over from there. If their mom would let them they'd "move" onto their water wonderland and show up at the cabin for food and then head back to the mat.
      on Jun 10th 2016

    2. EX Plus

      We owned the original watermat and purchased it 5 years ago. We used it every weekend of the summer. It was amazing and when It finally wore out, we were told the EX Plus was the closest thing now available to what we originally had. Comparing the EX Plus to the original may not be fair because the original was built so incredibly well. The bottom of the new EX Plus looks more fragile and not as durable as the original. The new EX Plus is also 1ft narrower and 2ft longer. We looked at other watermats but we had such a great experience with this company and their original product that we didn't hesitate to come back and buy again. The new watermat is priced lower then the original and shipping was extremely fast and free. on Jun 6th 2016

    3. Love, Love the WaterMat Ex-Plus

      Put the WaterMat Ex-Plus in the water over the Memorial Day weekend and my grandkids LOVED it. They played for hours on it and didn't care that the water was cold. I'm glad I got the 2" thick one as it is very bouncy. I'm planning on buying some anchors, so it can be left in the water. It's bulky to roll up - easiest if there is 3 adults.
      Think it would be best to roll it in the water - then carry it out. We dragged ours out - then rolled and that put some scratches on the back side. I highly recommend the Shark WaterMat Ex-Plus.
      on Jun 3rd 2016

    4. We love the Watermat

      Our kids loved it right out of the box. Our neighbors on the lake sent their kids over to play on it too. Six 11 year olds played on it for hours and didn't run out of fun. They said it was their favorite thing about the weekend at the lake. I want to also comment on customer service. Our watermat came damaged. It wasn't evident until it was completely unrolled. We left a message over Memorial Day weekend on their customer service line and received a personal email the same day from Craig Maxey, their customer service person. He let us know they would stand behind their product and make sure we were happy. They have completely taken care of us! Thank you, Craig. on Jun 3rd 2016

    5. Fantastic Water Mat!!!

      We had a bouncer, but it was hard for both adults and grandkids to get up on, a pain to inflate, and eventually leaked. I had seen water mats on our lake and they looked like a great option, so I did some research. After reading many reviews, I decided to go directly to The WaterMat store and buy the WaterMat Plus. It arrived promptly and it is anchored in our lake with two 45lb flat weights. It is terrific. My grandkids can walk, run, and jump on it. My kids can too! Even I can easily get on. The plus mat holds the weight as advertised and I love that you don't need to blow it up! It may be pricey, but good quality! Very satisfied!!!! on Jun 2nd 2016

    6. Let the fun begin! great so far...

      It's only week one of summer but the watermat got the kids out of the house and in the lake day 1! even when the water was pretty chilly :) The ex plus is probably a little bulkier but great for adults to play and lounge as well. Since it is quite rigid it was tough to roll up again to get the velcro around it but maybe over time it will get easier OR it will be the boys job.

      The tethers worked great, although the first try the clip easily came off our anchor but now we know we will have to drop it down more gently. It was also a really windy and wavey weekend on the lake and the mat just rolled with the waves and didn't budge.

      Looking forward to more fun all summer long.
      on Jun 2nd 2016

    7. Can't Wait

      I have taken the watermat to our cabin....and we can't wait to use it!!!!!! I wanted to say customer service was excellent. I left a msg. for the company, as I was placing my order on a Saturday....and they called me back right away on Monday.....and my product came in that week!!!!!!!! I say, let the fun begin.... on May 30th 2016

    8. Awesome

      This is so great. Our kids and all their friends live this mat. It is lightweight but is able to handle the weight of several kids and all their antics on May 29th 2016

    9. Great quality (so far) and tons of fun!

      Bought the Watermat for my daughter's 9th birthday and it was an instant hit! The kids played on it for hours and it was perfect for them! It holds kids up really well, but doesn't do as well with adults. Great for adults to lay on, but standing and running doesn't work as well. If you're going to be using it for teens or adults, I would recommend spending the extra money and getting the thicker mat. So far it seems to be good quality and sturdy enough, but we have only used it for one day. Hopefully it will hold up to repeated summer use :-) on May 29th 2016

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  • Other Details

    WaterMat EX Dimensions: 5 Feet Wide X 18 Feet Long X 1.25 Inches Thick
    EX Load Weight Rating: 1000 Pounds
    Tethering Grommets: The EX has one grommet
    EX Product Weight: 33 pounds